"Dr. Doom, Nazi Killer"

On the Marvel Universe Wiki, I came upon a brief history involving Dr. Doom and the Nazis.

-- "Doom stepped up his scientific prowess, designing a time machine and robotic duplicates of himself: his Doombots. In one of his earliest time travels he journeyed back to World War II and considered killing Adolf Hitler for the crimes his Nazi regime had inflicted upon the Zefiro and other travelers, but ultimately decided to leave him to his own fate. "

If he didn't kill Hitler, I like the idea that Dr. Doom at least killed some Nazis on his way home.



"Impounded" 4-Page Story

This is a pencil sample I did for my portfolio. My goal is to break into the big leagues a a comic penciler/storyteller. Hope you like my little skit based on a classic Marvel Comics character.

"Break It Up"
I love the characters Ironman, Hulk, and Spiderman (especially). I'd love to work in the comics industry and be able to illustrate these characters in a comic book. I just wanted to do my own quick scene for fun.
Dark Horse Submission - 8-Page Sample Sequence Illustration 
I did this in the hopes of catching someone's attention at Dark Horse. I downloaded their sample script from the submissions webpage and thought I'd have a crack at it. So far I haven't heard anything from them. Oh well. It was fun to do anyway.

There will be more work to follow....