I was given a parking ticket unfairly by a San Francisco Parking Enforcement Officer and I WISH I could have done this....
"Break It Up"

I love the characters Ironman, Hulk, and Spiderman (especially). I'd love to work in the comics industry and be able to illustrate these characters in a comic book. I just wanted to do my own quick scene for fun.

Personal Cover Illustration: "Liberation of a Mutant"
I had an idea for an XMen story where we go back in time to WWII.
Since Wolverine fought in WWII I thought it would be cool for him to have been involved in the liberation of the Jews from the Nazi death camps. And at the height of the story he liberates a teenage Magneto who is near death while Wolverine is astonished by his powers.
Personal Cover Illustration: "Zombie Spray"
Just thought I'd do a cool "zombie" attack cover.
The color version is in the "colors" link.

There will be more work to follow....